Benefits for you

  • Enhance your performance in high stake situations

  • Impress yourself in your next presentation or team meeting with key stakeholders

  • Increase your motivation and self confidence in minutes


Included in your package

  • Lifetime access to all content

  • Membership to an exclusive online forum with an extensive network of experts, practitioners, and professionals sharing thoughts and experiences

  • Visual guides

  • Interactive videos (average 3 minutes each)

  • Free music for your practice

  • 24/7 support available in case of queries, feedback, or a simple chat!

  • The option to join as a guest speaker on the upcoming “Flow with Qyro” podcast

  • Certificate of Completion

What is the affirmation technique?

A sneak peek inside this Qyro training!


  1. 2
    • What Can Affirmations Do For Me?

    • What Is Coming Up In This Training?

    • A Short Introduction To A Relaxation Technique

    • How Can I Use Affirmations In My Daily Practice?

    • Tell Me More About Affirmations

    • Affirmations And Your Sleep

    • Affirmations And Stress Related Muscle Tension

    • Affirmations And Shoulders

    • Affirmations And Your Neck

    • Affirmations And Your Jaw

    • Creating Your Own Affirmations

    • How Can I Integrate Affirmations In My Daily Routine?

    • Affirmations And Your Motivation

    • Affirmations And Your General Well Being

    • Use It

    • Self Talk Beyond Your Training

    • Self Talk...How Does It Work Exactly?

    • How To Talk To Yourself

  2. 3
    • Great Tips For Your Self-Talk

    • Let´s Do A Re-Cap Together!

    • Before you go...

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